Frequently Asked Questions

New to hot yoga? Check out our first timer page!

Comfortable workout clothes.

Men often wear yoga shorts and a tech tee or go shirtless. Regular gym shorts and t shirts work equally as well.

Women often wear yoga shorts or long yoga tights, tank tops, t shirts, or sports bras.

Most importantly, dress comfortably. And remember we are going to sweat!

Please leave your shoes at the rack in the lobby.

Yoga mat, large towel, and a large non glass bottle of water.

Please leave ALL valuables in the trunk of your car. Cell phone, wallet, car keys, and bags are not permitted in the hot room. Feel free to leave your personal items in the cubbies in the locker rooms.

Mats and towels are available for rent for $2 each. If you practice regularly, think about adding unlimited mat and towel service to your package for only $25/month.

We are happy to provide Manduka PROlite mats and YogaRat microfiber yoga towels and shower towels to help improve your yoga experience.

No student will be allowed to enter the class after the 2nd set of breathing is complete.

Understood that life happens. Whether it is work, traffic, or family, we all have things that will sometimes make us late for class. No problem. Do your best to make being early to class part of your yoga. Coming even a couple of minutes early will allow you to stretch, clear your mind and enjoy your yoga.

Come to class on an empty stomach. Everyone is different so you may need to experiment with your food intake before class. Many people find a light meal or a piece of fruit a couple of hours before class to be ideal. Others can eat a full meal and others need a completely empty stomach.

Be mindful of your coffee intake on days that you practice.

Please remember to come to class well hydrated and to re-hydrate after each class. Be sure to check out our selection of electrolyte supplements and also consider one of our infused waters, fresh cold pressed juices or a fresh green shake to help you get replenished.

The Bikram series is designed to be practiced daily. 3–5 times a week will give you results. Once or twice a week is better than 0 times a week. The more often you practice, the quicker you will see results. Remember, it may take a few classes to acclimate to the hot room.
The first month unlimited is $59. Please see the Rates page for more pricing.
Your package doesn’t begin until you take your first class.
We have both 60 and 90 minute classes. Please come to the class that you can commit the time for the full class.
Please try to stay in the room for the full class. Feel free to take as many breaks as necessary. Remember that leaving the room into the cool air and then coming back into the heat can be more stressful than if you just stay in the room and take breaks if needed.

Concentration, determination, and self control are a part of the yoga. If you must leave the room, make sure the teacher knows you are OK and come back as soon as you can.

No problem. Bikram yoga is therapeutic and helps to heal and prevent injuries.

Please let your instructor know before class if you’re dealing with an injury.

Remember to listen to your body. Working into the posture to the point of discomfort can be beneficial in your healing.

If you have been practicing consistently for at least 6 months and you have permission from your doctor, you may continue to practice. Please bring a release from your doctor and notify our staff. There are a few pregnancy series modifications that may benefit you. Several students have practiced all the way to two or three days before their delivery. Again, listen to your body and do what is right for you.
Absolutely! Bikram yoga is excellent for helping align and strengthen your body, and is a great compliment to to your base exercise. Do a quick Google search. You’ll be surprised at some of the top athletes that supplement their sport with yoga.

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